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Change your Will with a minimum of fuss.

Everybody should have a will. The problem we all face is that a will records our wishes at a certain point in time. Life is an ongoing process and something we may have wished for years ago may no longer be relevant. Any number of things can change for a person. There needs to be a simple way to reflect those changes and there is. It's called a Codicil and with it you can change an existing will without completely redrafting it.

Docprofiles.com aims to provide a range of documents, templates and manuals to help ordinary people to avoid the problems, worry and expense of redrafting a Will. We are just starting out and hope to add new templates every couple of days as the site develops.

In most cases you can alter a Will for free or just the expense of getting your changes witnessed. Imagine the savings in lawyers fees.

Not here! You can copy as much as you need from us at no charge. Everything on this site will be free of charge.